Welcome to Clutchscape, the Massively Online Adventure game!

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Welcome to Clutchscape, the Massively Online Adventure game!

This Forum is about a particular game called Clutchscape, also known as Runescape. The only difference is, Clutchscape has everything Runescape has, but not all the gay updates. It will only take a few seconds, why not register now and find out!

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    Rate the username above! Empty Rate the username above!

    Post by Admin on Mon Nov 16, 2009 6:44 am

    Most of you probably know how this game works. For the users who do not know how to play, it's fairly simple to play. Here is how you play; you see my username rate it between 1-10 and information as to why you gave me that rate. The second person who post their rating and the information about why, does the same thing for their username. Understand? Wait...I mean the third person rates the second person and so on....ect...

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